Heart In Diamond® - UK based HPHT Tech expert in purest white diamond

Heart In Diamond - U.K.'s leading Specialists in lab-made real diamonds. All our products are created for you from yours or/and your loved ones hair or cremation ashes.

Patent No.2372286, with Publication date on 18.01.2008, named ‘Personalized lab-grown gem diamond’ is Heart In Diamond®'s patented technology to turn ashes to diamonds and grow cremation diamonds: abstract carbon from human ashes or hair, pet ashes or hair, to grow GIA certificated real diamonds.

In Hong Kong, only Heart In Diamond provides the purest white cremation diamond, which is the most expensive with most complex growing environment, up to 1 or even 2 carat. In Hong Kong, only Heart In Diamond has the highest technology and most complicated facilities to turn ashes to diamonds with 5 beautiful colors. What's more, Heart In Diamond's lab is open for public visit, and promises the best efficiency, best clarity, and our proud principle of personal service.